SBS 2003 CD’s

If anyone needs access to the SBS 2003 CD’s, I have them available on my NAS but credentials are required to download them.

Experts Exchange used to have a link in a thread advising people that I have them available, but someone (an Admin) has decided to delete the link / offer because they didn’t like it, so if you need them to repair an SBS 2003 server or to decommission one (you will need CD 2 to remove Exchange 2003 gracefully), then please get in touch with me and I’ll send you the details.

I seem to be about the only person in the world who has them available (clean, zipped .ISO images) and they are proving (still) to be very popular downloads.

Thought I would post about it here so that anyone needing them might be able to find me so they can get hold of them 🙂