Windows Phone 7 Series – Released To Manufacturing

Microsoft has announced today that their next Mobile Phone Operating System (Windows Phone 7 Series), has been released to manufacturing.

As with most Mobile Phone Operating Systems, if you have a phone that has been tied to a particular carrier, it will be a few weeks before you can download and upgrade your Windows Mobile 6.5 phone.

For more information, please visit the following link:

Windows Phone 7 Series has been a complete re-write for Microsoft and it promises to be very different to the past versions.

Personally, I hope they bring out a Windows Phone 7 Series Home User version and a Windows Phone 7 Series Professional version, so that people have a choice and can use their phones for business (as I do), or use it for social networking, which I don’t.

The new version is all geared around people and what they are doing / up to, not something I will be rushing to update my phone to (he says), but then I said I wasn’t going to get an iPhone and then did (although I don’t use it any more).