Waiting for BT on a Friday!

One of our ISDN 2e lines went down the other day and I reported it to the company who provided the lines for us and they reported it to BT to send an engineer out to resolve the issue.

An appointment was booked for this morning between 8:00am and 1:00pm and at the time of writing (3:50pm) still no sign of an engineer!

Not sure if they are planning on arriving today or if they are on a Public Holiday that the rest of the UK is not aware of, but it is not looking promising.

Apparently the job was assigned to an Engineer at 10:00am this morning, but he knew nothing about ISDN so he decided not to do anything or tell anyone, so the first I heard was after 1:00pm when I chased them.

Well – I was then promised that an Engineer was “in the area” and was finishing up on his present job and was going to hot-foot it over to me to look at the problem. 2½ hours later and he has either got lost or been abducted by aliens en-route.

Maybe because it is a Friday BT engineers are work-shy?

When the line was installed, the job was also booked for between 8:00am and 1:00pm and the same story happened then. The job was given to an engineer who knew nothing about ISDN, so he did nothing about it again. After chasing numerous times, I eventually received two Engineers and two BT vans and they managed to get the line installed and working. Didn’t recall if that was a Friday too, but upon checking my diary – what a surprise – another Friday!

Do BT actually work Friday’s or are they on a 4-day week?

So – if you are reading this and have to call BT out to solve a problem with your phone lines and they offer you a Friday appointment – ask them for any other day as it seems that they don’t seem to work Fridays!

****** UPDATE ******

So now I am waiting in until 6:00pm for an engineer. Great – an entire day wasted because BT can’t organise an Engineer who knows anything about the job to visit me and the Engineer who was assigned the job doesn’t seem to have any Customer Service skills.

****** UPDATE ******

It’s 5 minutes until 6:00pm and I’m still waiting! 5 more minutes – anyone thinking what I’m thinking?