Installing SBS 2011 on an HP Proliant ML110 G6 / ML150 G6 / DL360 G7 Server Woes Resolved

If you have been trying to install SBS 2011 on an HP ProLiant ML110 G6, ML150 G6 or DL360 G7 server and have struggled as HP don’t support SBS 2011 on their Easy Set-up CD (apart from the DL360 G7) and booting from the SBS 2011 DVD-ROM and adding the Windows 2008 R2 RAID Controller Drivers doesn’t get you any further, then the solution to your problems is here!

Get hold of an 8Gb USB Memory Stick and download the following software:

(To be able to install / use the software you will need a Windows 7 64-Bit PC).

Rip an .ISO image of the SBS 2011 DVD onto your Windows 7 64-Bit computer, then install / run the software from the link above. Create the bootable USB Memory Stick using the .ISO image you created earlier and when completed, boot the server from the USB stick, add the RAID Controller Drivers ( and you will be able to continue to install SBS 2011.

If, like me, you are in the middle of migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011, then you may want to consider using the following migration guide which takes you painlessly through the entire process:



Problems Installing KB891193 on SBS 2003

I was starting an SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Migration for a customer today and it failed the SBS 2003 SP1 check! So – I downloaded the relevant components and installed the ones that had not been installed. All fine and dandy, apart from when I got to KB891193 where it failed with Fatal errors repeatedly.

Scouring the web for solutions was pretty fruitless – suggestions of removing the Fax Service (make sure you have SBS 2003 CD1 handy) and running the update as Domain Administrator (which I was) proved fruitless.

I finally decided to try and remove the Client Apps which refused to comply, so as a last resort I felt that it might benefit from a reinstallation of the Client Apps part of SBS 2003 installation (make sure you have SBS 2003 CD3 handy!)

After what seemed like an eternity where nothing was happening, the reinstallation completed, the server rebooted and then I tried KB891193 again and it instantly installed without a single complaint.

So – after 8 hours of wasted time – I can now continue with my SBS 2011 installation! Roll on the weekend.

Fake Security Software Hits Macs – MAC Defender / MAC Security

MAC users need to beware of fake security software that is similar to the fake Anti-Virus software that can easily find it’s way onto a PC.

If you unwittingly download the program (MAC Defender / MAC Security), which appears very high up in search listings, you may find your MAC screens littered with pornographic images and no doubt the usual demands for money to download some other software to get rid of the ‘problem’.

MAC’s have long been considered much safer than Windows PC’s when it comes to security because the target size was so small (about 5% of the Market-place), and Virus-writers thus focussed on the bigger target as the impact would be much greater, but now it seems that the tables have been turned and MAC users need to be just as careful as PC users.