Installing SBS 2011 on an HP Proliant ML110 G6 / ML150 G6 / DL360 G7 Server Woes Resolved

If you have been trying to install SBS 2011 on an HP ProLiant ML110 G6, ML150 G6 or DL360 G7 server and have struggled as HP don’t support SBS 2011 on their Easy Set-up CD (apart from the DL360 G7) and booting from the SBS 2011 DVD-ROM and adding the Windows 2008 R2 RAID Controller Drivers doesn’t get you any further, then the solution to your problems is here!

Get hold of an 8Gb USB Memory Stick and download the following software:

(To be able to install / use the software you will need a Windows 7 64-Bit PC).

Rip an .ISO image of the SBS 2011 DVD onto your Windows 7 64-Bit computer, then install / run the software from the link above. Create the bootable USB Memory Stick using the .ISO image you created earlier and when completed, boot the server from the USB stick, add the RAID Controller Drivers ( and you will be able to continue to install SBS 2011.

If, like me, you are in the middle of migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011, then you may want to consider using the following migration guide which takes you painlessly through the entire process:



29 Responses

  1. Hello !
    Can you expalene How you add the RAID Controller Drivers ?

  2. Can I install windows 7 on this machine?

    • There are no specific Windows 7 drivers available from HP for this server, so you would not get support if you ventured down the route of installing Windows 7 on it, but I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out completely.

      I would suggest you try it and see how far you get, but don’t be surprised if you don’t find drivers for all the hardware components.

  3. Windows 7 can be installed on this machine. I have done that, but don’t remember how

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  5. i want to know how include network drivers on the media(or usb rive)

  6. … or you just copy drivers for raid controler on USB stick and select it on install. The drivers are in folder compaq>drivers>w2008x64>hpahcisr on their Easy Set-up CD. That can save you hours of work!


    • I expect you can – but not knowing how old the drivers on the CD are (sometimes the CD’s are several versions behind the ones on the web), I prefer to download the latest ones and that way I know I am up-to-date.


  7. Worked like a charm Alan!! Thanks for the very usefull post. Want a job? 🙂

    • I’m self-employed. Not looking to become an employee if that is what you mean.

      Glad the post helped. Happy to assist you if you have a project that needs some additional technical skills.


  8. Thanks for a really helpful post, creating the bootable USB was taking aaages. I used the drivers you provided above, copied to a pen & this enabled SBS2011 to see / understand the RAID controller during the installation – worked a treat.

    Many Thanks
    Matthew Holt

  9. You sorted me out once again Alan. Thanks for providing an easy guide unlike HP who must have been aware when they put the installation dvds in the boxes and gave us no direction as to how we were to install the OS when 2011 is not on the easy set up dvd. Isnt that what beta testing is for!!

    The big IT companys have become like a bunch of old ladies who dont want to talk to each other. Kind of strange when you are jointly providing your products!!

  10. Alan,

    I, too, am struggling with installing SBS 2011 Standard on a DL380 G5. In my case, I have a P400 SAS controller and 8 73 GB disks. I have pulled down the drivers from the HP web site and whether I install the driver or not, I get the same message: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an exixting system partition. See the setup log files for more information.

    Could there be another driver required besides the SAS controller. If so, do you have any idea what?

    Thanks in advance,
    Larry Schuldt

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  12. Guys add the driver during install phase of sbs!
    select repair.youll be away… worked for me..

    using buiiltin b110i raid 1+0 without smart start!

    very staright forward…

  13. We are able to install the OS from th disc & have the appropriate RAID drivers installed, but continue to get multiple errors with SBS 2011. Services randomly stop, random shutdowns etc…HP Support has replaced virtually every component on the server.
    The only component that has not been replaced are the Hard Drives. We have 4 HP branded (1 Seagate & 3 Western Digital Drives.) running in a Raid 1+0 array. The controller has been replaced and a battery pack added.

    Are other folks having success with the Proliant ml150 G6 running SBS 2011?

    • I have installed a few happily.. They are not the fastest server in the world when it comes to SBS 2011, but the ones I have installed are all working happily.

      • We discovered our problem I believe. It does not matter how intelligent you are. You must use the SBs console for all your configuration. Never use the standard Windows Server Console. The commands in the SBs console are deeply tide in to the entire system. There are scripts ever run and commands that will be sent which Emmanuel configuration will not apply. I’m glad I found out the difference between S P S and regular Server 2008.

      • SBS is designed to be managed by non IT literate people and it is designed to be managed by the Wizards. Not using them is where people start to encounter problems!!

  14. Today I ran into this problem, installing SBS2011 on a ML150 G6, the workaround I created was to run de Easy Setup CD, create an partition, and select W2008 R2 standaard to install. Wait till it askes to insert the correct installation media and put the SBS2011 cd in. Now it says it is waiting for the correct media, power off the ML150.
    Start it again and run the SBS 2011 installer and select the earlier created partition. Works for me.

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