Virgin Media – What a Joke!

Having given Virgin Media one last chance to redeem themselves before cancelling their Cable Broadband service due to the inability of their engineers to attend an appointment on time (or at all – see, they were scheduled to arrive today between 8:00am and 10:00pm (I advised them I would only wait in until 10:00am – although their appointment was until 12:00pm), it is now 10:10am and I have now cancelled my account with them.

I may just wait in for the next 2 hours for a laugh to see if they do actually show up!

So – if you decide to opt for any of the Virgin Media Services that they offer – don’t be surprised if you keep having to take time off to stay in at home to wait for their engineers who simply won’t turn up when they are supposed to.

Things don’t seem to have moved on since the days of NTL and the service that they provided (which was also lousy), so you have been warned.

If on the other hand, you like staying in at home, having taken time off work to wait for one of their Engineers, then great – I hope you have plenty of tea / coffee on standby and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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