KB883380 Fails To Regenerate IIS Virtual Directories on Exchange 2003 / SBS 2003

I was working on a server yesterday so that I could change the certificate name from http://www.domain.com to mail.domain.com.

After generating a new Certificate Signing Request and submitting it to the certificate authority (www.exchange-certificates.com), I verified the certificate, downloaded it and installed it onto the server in the usual manner and that was when everything went wrong.

I could not browse to the Exchange virtual directory, nor the exchange-oma virtual directory (this was an SBS 2003 server) and Actvesync / RPC over HTTPS was broken too!

So, as this was SBS, I decided to re-run the Connect To The Internet Wizard and let SBS work its magic to reset everthing back to normal. The wizard failed the Firewall section of the Wizard and my virtual directories were vaguely working. Resetting the virtual directories back to the required settings from my Exchange 2003 / Activesync article, this seemed to break IIS further!

So, following method 2 of KB883380, I deleted the IIS virtual directories, ran the Cscript command (adsutil delete ds2mb) and then ran “net stop msexchangesa && net start msexchangesa && net start msexchangeis” to stop and restart the System Attendant and then start it and the Information store (which stops with the System Attendant) and waited for 1 minutes.

After waiting 15 minutes and seeing that the virtual directories had not magically reappeared, I rebooted the server as recommended in the KB article.

So the server woke up again from its reboot and yet still no virtual directories.

What to do?

I then decided to re-install Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 on the server as this quite often fixes things that are a little broken with Exchange / IIS, so I downloaded the Service Pack and installed it.

Bingo! The virtual Directories were back!!

In addition, I decided to re-key the new certificate just in case that was causing me some issues, so generated a new Certificate Signing Request, re-keyed the certificate and re-installed in onto the server.

I then re-ran the Connect To The Internet Wizard one more time, modified the IIS settings as per my article and then tested Activesync and RPC over HTTPS which was working perfectly.

So, in summary, if your IIS virtual directories do not re-appear after following any method from KB883380 and you have waited for 15 minutes, rebooted the server all to no avail, simply download and re-install Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 and you should be back up and working again in no time.


One Response

  1. i hoped this was THE solution.
    But also the reinstallation of SP2 did not solve this issue for us …..


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