Apple iOS4 Issues with iPhone 4 / 3Gs / 3G and Exchange

If you have a new iPhone 4 or have upgraded our old 3Gs / 3G iPhone to the latest OS (iOS4) and you use Exchange to push mail to your device, please visit the following page from your iPhone (using Safari) and click on the link to download and install a patch for your phone that should help ease the burden on the Exchange server you are connecting to:

2 Responses

  1. This would be great if I didn’t have 200+ exchange users many of which have their own devices. Trying to to get every user to apply this patch would be darn near impossible. Is there no workaround at the server level?

    • Sadly as you can’t restrict Exchange to a specific iOS version, you would have to either disable access for Activesync to all users until they have upgraded and you have seen that they are upgraded, or you can possibly check through the logs and see if anything shows up as generating a ton of traffic and block the user(s) that are associated with the massive traffic.

      Can’t think of any nicer way I’m afraid.


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