iPad in hand and ready to go

So, having queued up for a good 2 hours this morning (9:30 – 11:30) outside Apple’s flagship store in Regent Street, London, I finally got my hands on an Apple iPad.

I will be unboxing it and playing with it as soon as I can – just need to lose the wife and kids for a week and then I can do some serious playing interspersed with sone weekend painting and decorating : (

The iPad I chose was the 32gb Wi-Fi with 3G which cost £599.00 and although I don’t plan to be spending much time on 3G, I also did not plan on switching from a Windows Mobile Phone to an iPhone (I just got one as a free upgrade purely for testing purposes), but after trying it out for a week or so, it made my life on Experts Exchange and the web in general a thousand times easier, so I hedged my bets and spent the extra £100 for the privilige of 3G.

The attached photos are of the queue outside the store in Hanover Square where the queue started, then once at the front of the Hanover Square queue, with security pass in hand, I joined a smaller queue just outside the store before being personally greeted and escorted inside the store to make my purchase.

Every customer to the store was greeted by the staff with lots of whooping, hollering and general enthusiasm to make them feel special, if not a little nausious!

Customers were limited to 2 iPads each, so it seemed rude not to buy one for a very good friend at the same time.

So, with iPad in hand, I am on the way home on the train, itching to unwrap and play.

Watch this space.


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