Google Nexus One Mobile Phone and Exchange Mail (Activesync)

Having been asked to setup a new Mobile Phone for a customer, the 3rd such phone for the same user in as many weeks, I was duly handed a Google Nexus One phone ( and asked to “get it working” – which translates to “Can you please configure my phone to work with my email account on our server”.

The server in question was a Small Business Server 2003 box and I had already configured Activesync on the server having followed my own article (, so I knew that this part was not going to present me with any problems!

Well, after figuring out where to start configuring the mail on the device, I simply chose to add an email account, chose the Exchange server option, entered all the relevant details in to the phone, clicked next and accepted the SSL certificate prompt and the mail / contacts / calendar started to download as expected.

So – if anyone wants to buy one / upgrade to one the next time their contract is due for an upgrade, I can happily confirm that the phones work happily with an Exchange server (I was vaguely expecting it not to), provided that your server is configured properly of course.


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