Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 Update Rollup 3 Released

Microsoft has released Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 Update Rollup 3 today and it can be downloaded from:

Here are some of the product improvements and critical bug fixes that are addressed in this release:

978517 This fix reduces the possibility of a deadlock in unsubscribe during destruction of LOGON object.
979219 A three way deadlock no longer occurs between EcUpdate, EcLockId, EcDoRestrict when 972269 was applied.
978469 Fixed case where some users were unable to logon to mailboxes after online mailbox move.
978521 BkBry Search Folder no longer breaks after moving Mailbox back to its original Exchange Server.
976460 After updating a meeting with ActiveSync, a the next update sent by Outlook became duplicated.
978832 An Outlook Event is now sent when PF items are read after one is marked unread.
979055 Settings on ‘Resource Settings’ page are now properly saved using OWA.
978137 No longer will the subject line in Remote Wipe Confirmation Email get Html Encoded twice.
976108 An Edge Server can now properly use Hosts File for name resolution. Email delivery was failing with Error “451 4.4.0 DNS Query Failed” for emails from Edge to Hub Transport Server.
977179 Situation fixed where System State Backups were failing on Passive Nodes of CCR-Clusters with Error 0x800423F0.
978528 A Store crash does not happen in EXCDO processing since exmime now frees the right address.
979520 Store should now not Crash When Appointment Timezone is 32 Characters or longer.
977923 This fix is to avoid a crash in Item to Mime conversion when converting outbound VCalendar if server is using UmAlQuraCalendar in Regional Settings.
978200 Meeting Request forwarded across 2007 org now has correct “from” data.
977531 Last appointment does not go missing in recurring meeting request if recurrence pattern uses end-by date.
978253 When running Test-OwaConnectivity after running the Test-SystemHealth in the same powershell window, it will not inadvertently result in a Certificate error, even with the TrustAllCertificates:$true.
979170 Scheduled Scan is no longer broken in SP2 ExBPA.
974161 We backed out this RU1 change in this KB since Entourage couldn’t send meeting requests with attachments after applying Update Rollup 2. Once we have this fixed in a less impactful way, we will include it in a future rollup


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